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Does it really smell like teen spirit?

What’s in a smell?

As I browsed my local Foyles store this evening I mistakenly ended up in the Science department- before I even read the sign I knew what books surrounded me. It smelled identical to my school Science class. How do they do that? Do they create all Science books (and products) for that matter in a specific factory where everything is dowsed in the essence of must and periodic tables..

Maybe, or maybe not. I genuinely have no idea.


It got me thinking about how we subconsciously attach memories, people and places to certain smells. For example, the smell of Twiglets takes me back to a lodge we used to rent in the Forest of Dean (admittedly we did have a fairly major twiglet spillage on that holiday but I make the association still to this day). I absolutely love that. A simple waft of a snack packet brings a tonne of ‘Do you remember when’s.

It’s the same with people. Each of my friends, and their families respectively, have their own smell. When I step into my best friend’s house I instantly feel at home and like one of the family.

The only disappointment I feel is that my own family, and things I love but use so frequently lose their scent. Does anyone get that? You know you’re home or a piece of clothing is yours because it smells of nothing to you?

I find that sad because I want to know what my family home smells like again, and more recently I work for a beauty brand renowned for their products amazing fragrance, and yet after a year of indulging myself to the max the smell is weakening. The phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ comes to mind.

So there are two sides, I love the associations my brain makes between smells and the strangest and most distant of memories yet I wish I didn’t have to become accustomed to the smells I love so much I dowse myself in everyday.

If anyone can explain to me why all of this happens I would genuinely love to know.

Boo x


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