Trend: Studs

A trend that is almost unavoidable at the moment is studs. They’re absolutely everywhere. On tops, trousers, shoes, in place of buttons..I daren’t say underwear because I think that is a continuous trend- just not in the kind of shops you or I regularly visit!

I’m not usually one for trends, fads and buying what I’m supposed to- although I hasten to add this isn’t because I’m quirky or original, I just prefer to invest in timeless pieces that I like, and will hopefully continue to like, for more than the next week.

I think the reason that I like this trend so much is that it reminds me of bygone years where I was something close to a teenage ‘emo’ kid. I didn’t quite meet the full criteria but I did have a strong affinity for moody music, black eyeliner and you guessed it- studs.

Whilst, however tempted I am, I don’t think I can crack out my full on studded belt (yes I kept it) I have opted in to this new stud style in a more subtle way…

Topshop slippers £28.

Zara vest £17.99.

StudsStudded Pumps

P.s. I know- my blog title includes the word ‘daily’ and I didn’t post yesterday. I apologize profusely and blame an absence of an internet connection. Do forgive me!


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