‘The world around you is not what it seems.’ – Google Ingress

Google’s latest release from its app development team, the Niantic Project, is the the most ingenious use of augmented reality I have seen to date.

Whether Ingress’ real purpose is to entertain and coax gamers out into the real world or an innovative form of data capture, it looks bloody brilliant.

The pretense to the game is that scientists have found a new energy that needs controlling by ‘unlocking portals’ that can be found in and around your home town.

The game will lead you down paths to collect coins, claim territories by linking portals and you will even have a health bar. Playing will definitely take a fair bit of effort but, to me, this sounds like a gamer’s paradise.

I cannot wait to play. It’s currently in a closed beta state but you can request an invite at This has got to be the most anticipated launch since Pottermore.

Want to find out more? Watch the trailer now.


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