Gifts that just keep giving.

It’s that time of year when I’m wracking my brains, scouring the web for an elusive gift guide that will tell me exactly what I should buy each of my loved ones.

Whilst I do not have said gift guide, I can share some gifts that may provide a little inspiration. These aren’t the world’s most flamboyant gifts but you can purchase them guilt-free knowing they’re giving back a little bit..

This hat is one I would most certainly be buying myself and it’s 100% fair trade. Better still, it’s on sale at £49.28

Panama Hat

The Waitrose/Duchy hampers look delicious. I love a hamper as a gift and this one is an all British line-up.  It weighs in at £75.00

This London Heart tote bag is a little more pricey that your usual tote but is super sweet and almost impossible not to like. £85.00

Let’s shake it up a little and have something a little more sport-oriented. This effectively a buy one, get one free deal; buy one of these footballs for someone you love, and another will be given to a school, orphanage or youth project in Africa. £25.00

Next, something for the Cinderella in your life. I don’t know how anyone could fail to fall in love with these. And they’re on sale! £97.00

Finally, something a little more light-hearted and  thrifty. Adopt a Lobster for just £2.50. I became a parent this summer and he’s being released into the Ocean this Christmas. Oh Doug..*proud*

Lobster Maternity Ward


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