Unstoppable e-Shopper? Let yourself off the Hukk.

My daily hours of online procrastination tend to be split between Hello Giggles, Daily Mail (the shame) and the most dangerous of them all; online shopping.Hukk Logo Edit

Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Pinterest, Fancy… my addiction is anything with the power to convince me I absolutely cannot live without that quirky gadget, genius yet pointless kitchen accessory or must-have piece of clothing.

That is all about to change; from now on I will be Hukking rather than buying.

How many times have you been in a store and said ‘If only this was on sale..’ and put whatever you were admiring back on the shelf.

Hukkster is the new retail platform sweeping the net; you get a ‘Hukk It’ button much like Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ button, which you click when you’re on page and want to buy something, then you move on.

The idea is that in the coming days or weeks you will (if the purchase is meant to be!) receive an email letting you know that your wished-for item is on sale or can be bought on discount with a coupon code. Simple.

Right on cue my invitation to join has arrived, I’m off Hukking…

Hukkster Symbols Edit




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