2012 Digital Doors: Chocaholics need not apply.

This year brings advent calendars of a different kind; who needs the manual labour and manicured nails required to open that cardboard door to reveal an inadequate amount of chocolate?

Okay, so perhaps I won’t be giving up mine just yet (or ever!), but there are a few digital supplements definitely worth checking out.

Honestly, I find the offer or competition behind every door model very unoriginal and unengaging. I’d much rather be entertained in a novel way than be given the option to maybe, potentially, someday win something.

The Loveless Café has no fancy videos or flash sites but I can’t help being amused by Bacon, the Loveless Elf. Everyday a new photo is uploaded tracking Bacon’s frivolities. Go and see what he’s up to today!

Bacon the Elf

The next calendar I discovered wasn’t quite what I expected. John Paul Gaultier seems to have let all his eccentricity out in one fail swoop with his ‘Naughty Christmas’. It does bring in the competition element but I’ll forgive that for the entertainment value. I’ve opened three doors  now and in the process stripped a turkey, slapped singing elves and seen an elf take a bath…

Naughty Christmas

Heat have gone down an expected route of having celebrity video messages for each day of the countdown. However, their calendar is within this week’s issue (#708) and releases the videos via augmented reality. I like the use of AR and the promise of a video from Karl Pilkington is tempting me to pop to the shops.

Heat Advent Calendar

If none of those take your fancy, or you’ve been getting snap happy with Instagram this year, then why not make your own 24 days of happiness to share online?

24 Days Make your Own


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