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5 Reasons a Bookshelf is better than an E-Reader

Emily Sleeping

  1. You can’t tell how far you really are through a book. Who wants to know they have 259 pages to go when you can turn the book on its side, see the gap where the page corner is folded and make a terribly accurate guesstimate?
  2. Books hold memories;  crinkled pages from past holidays on the beach, bent spines from too much love..
  3. E-readers just can’t get the darn colour right- pages are neither grey nor ‘paper’ white for goodness sake.
  4. Bookshelves oozing full of old, new, borrowed (some blue) books are BEAUTIFUL.
  5.  Falling asleep in a rubber ring outside with an item more valuable than paper is just dangerous in this day and age.

Check out this cool infographic that proves that books, and libraries, will live forever.


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