Txt Spk: Classy not Chavvy

It pained me to write the title of this post and therefore I have to write a disclaimer right now: I hate, hate, hate text speak. Despise, loathe..think of a negative word and associate it wid dis bbz.

However, when a dear friend of mine introduced me to Symbolset I loved it, or more appropriately…

I love Symbolset

I think perhaps I, like many, am being seduced by the flowing symbols that roll across the homepage when you first land on it, the novelty of not having to go to ‘Symbol’ and hunt down that one symbol for once in a blue moon use, and the rounded ‘oh-so-Apple’-esque corners of each symbol.

Hey- is that so bad?

I don’t think I’ll find myself using it to replace the beauty that is the English language, and I certainly won’t be forking out £60 for it but if it were presented to me open source I would most definitely download it.

Check it out!

.com Darling Loves Computerts


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