Whisk me away…but not just yet


When Nick Holzherr reached the final of The Apprentice UK and shared his idea for a recipe app that made it easier to buy the ingredients I was really keen on the idea. I was disappointed in The Sugar (a rare one-off occasion) for shooting him down.
I love browsing recipe websites and finding new things to create and, whilst it doesn’t put me off doing this, it is a bit of a faff to recalculate the ingredients for how many portions I want then write out a list to either buy online or take to the shops.
is revolutionary in the world of food apps; it lets you browse lots of gorgeous recipes (it seems to use the Food Network-I prefer BBC Good Food) and then does all the hard work for you…

Please note: I have not purchased anything through Whisk yet, but plan to try it for my next shop.

I have highly anticipated the launch that happened yesterday and I have to admit I have mixed feelings having played with the app.
First the positive, I LOVE the concept- it’s absolutely ingenious. I foresee this app making my culinary exploits much easier and more enjoyable. As an avid Google supporter, I also really appreciate that they have launched an Android version straight of the bat and not just iOS.
However, from a digital perspective it really is a very soft launch with a number of functions to come, very limited and poor categorisation of recipes (I saw a soft boiled egg appear in Inspirational dishes..) and an iPad version is currently not available. Also, the inevitable problem of pack sizes is an issue- the cost for one recipe for one person came to over £18 because of all the spices and condiments you needed- though I’m not sure if this can realistically be addressed.

All in all I really like Whisk, I just cannot wait for the functionality releases, such as recommended recipes to use up the excess quantities of ingredients from what you’ve already bought and made and leftover recipes.
The functionality to come will be a shining beacon of ingenious digital use and be an example to us all.

Bravo Nick and team!

Check out Whisk now.


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