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Silence was golden. Now it comes in a bright yellow bag.

Selfridges has begun its ‘No Noise‘ campaign to restore some peace and calm to the hustle and bustle of their flagship London store.
Back in 1909, Harry Gordon Selfridge, the company founder, opened a Silent room in the store encouraging shoppers to leave their phones and distractions behind to take a few minutes for themselves.
On 11 January, this room is being reopened as part of No Noise alongside ‘Headspace’ pods throughout the store which are small oasis’ of calm.

A Quiet Shop has also been opened to compliment this, which gives shoppers the chance to browse unbranded products. The shop sells everything from no-name baked beans to moisturiser, and is undoubtedly the most commercial, uncommercialised concept since who knows when.

It’s an intriguing concept but needless to say I’m quite content being that noisy, email addicted person at the start of this video…

Quietly find out more.


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