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5 Emails You Need In Your Inbox

I can guarantee that 99% of people reading this will have at least two inboxes. I can guarantee all of you receive tonnes, and tonnes, and tonnes of emails you really don’t want. Your delete button has never been so overused.

So from me to you, here’s five emails you will want to open (and not because of a snappy subject line)…

1. Sheerluxe
This is actually my favourite email. Recommended online shopping, apps, fashion, recipes, gift guides; it’s got everything.


2. Fancy

I have too many social networks in my life to get involved with the site, but I love crooning over the ingenious, geektastic, completely unnecessary, yet totally brilliant whosits and whatsits.


3. Beach Tomato

Getting an email from Beach Tomato is like going to a faraway desert island, sun shining, waves crashing, a tanned fella called Vincenzo bringing you a cocktail…perhaps that’s a small exaggeration but Beach Tomato can tell you where to go to get all that. Click  ‘Always show pictures from this sender’ and bask in the glorious almost sunlight from your computer screen.

Beach Tomato

4. Around the Table: Loving Food in RI and Beyond
This is the first blog I actually subscribed to via email; it was worthy of my inbox space and it’s worthy of yours. Leanne’s recipes are delicious and make up about half of my recipe collection (and that’s saying something!).


5. Google+ Local
I’m signed up to London, but Google Local are all over. Whether you use G+ or not, the local emails are full of unique free events right on your doorstep.

Google Plus Local


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