Schipol: Not To Be Confused With ‘Ship-all’

Schipol Robot

Off on my jollies for a wintry weekend away in Norway has lead my suitcase and Is first experience with new age of airport baggage transfers.

On the first half of my journey, I whiled away the hour perusing the in-flight magazine. I’ve never purchased anything inedible on a plane and so the shopping pages don’t really hold my attention- I was however very intrigued (and impressed) by a double page spread detailing the ins and outs of the new baggage handling system at Schipol Airport where I was to transfer.

This innovative new system uses robots to move luggage around and will allow Schipol to process 70 million bags a year- that’s 8,000 bags an hour! The application is supported by Avaya‘s data network system, made up of Avaya ERS 8600 and Avaya ERS 4500 switches (I’ve read..), which is said to be ‘rock solid’.

Unfortunately for me, my suitcase was AWOL when I touched down in Bergen and when the arrivals assistant ‘wasn’t sure’ where it was after searching the system and had to take a visual description of it my initial awe about the system completely vanished.

My suitcase is likely to be an anomaly, nevertheless I think this will continue to be the only robot allowed in my life for now…

Wall E


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