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Potions Class: How to make Butterbeer & a Goblet of Invisible Fire

Goblet of Fire

A ‘Come Dine with Me’ style dinner my flatmates was the perfect opportunity to indulge in my long standing desire to make Harry Potter cocktails.


I’ve been dying to try Butterbeer since reading about it and so I thought I would give it a go, and while I was at it I came across the Goblet of Fire. I browsed many a recipe and decided that the one of Recipewise looked just the ticket.

Finding cloudy cream soda in Birmingham was an impossibility, but Tesco’s own clear version seemed to be a fine substitute. My city’s lack of Butterscotch-loving lead me to knocking up my own butterscotch-style sauce with toffee sauce, syrup, sugar and evaporated milk. Other than that I followed the recipe to the letter.

Many sites warned against the drink being too sweet but I have to disagree; I may have a sweet tooth but the drink could have taken a lot more sugar and sauce than the recipe suggests. The drink is quite a showstopper when poured, but be warned that it separates relatively quickly and (while the taste is unaffected) the drinks appearance is more than off-putting!
I enjoyed about half a glass before the cream and the appearance got the better of me, however, I was the only one to not jump at a second helping!

It’s definitely something every wannabe Hogwarts student must try at least once!
I’m thinking of concocting my own ‘Butterbeer’ that would err more on the side of a milkshake…


Goblet of Fire

In my research I came across the little beaut seen pictured at the top of this post- a real life, alcoholic Goblet of Fire. maybe the fire is missing. We tried, we really did!
151 Rum doesn’t appear to be so accessible here in Blighty so I assumed that any high proof alcohol would do the job and light..Vodka, no…Gin, nope..Barcardi, still no..

Poured straight onto the drink, poured into half a lime floating in the drink (we’ve seen this done at our local haunt) but nothing worked. We even went as far as to try lighting the pure alcohol on a spoon to see if it would light at all- I now recognise that the photo of our attempts looks decidedly like the goings on of a drug den…

The drink was pretty strong- I recommend making it a longer drink!- and could have done with another ingredient to sweeten it up or give it another flavour. I soaked some blueberries in vodka for an hour before making, which (if I say so myself) was one of the nicer aspects of the drink.

Again, I think I may reformulate..

Any suggestions from mixologists or skilled potion makers for both drinks would be much appreciated. Has anybody tried recipes with more luck?

Goblet of Fire Lighting

 Professor Moody supervised the evening’s potion class.


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