From Chuggers to ‘Chip In’: Giving is fun?

As we publicly say cheerio to ‘chuggers’ (charity muggers) following the news that Cancer Research UK are launching a trial of contactless payment functionality in their shop windows it made me think more about how & why we give to charity.


The media is hailing this news as revolutionary, yet creative agency we are fallon have been working for some time on bringing their ‘Chip In’ concept to life.

At first, I loved the idea – it baffles me that this form of giving is not commonplace already. This is the 21st century right?

About 10 seconds through their promotional video, I started to feel uncomfortable. Deeming giving through charity buckets not “interesting or fun”, I started to question the marketing of charities.High fiving a swinging arm for Sport Relief or touching the ‘bum’ of a celebrity in the street sounds novel & exciting, but has it really come to that to raise money for our great nation’s most deserving charities?

Finding more & more online articles describe this form of donation a great way to engage young people in giving, it just didn’t feel right, we are (or should be) more intelligent & kind hearted than to require a (likely expensive) gimmick to remind us to share & support the people, communities & organisations that will spend our pennies so much better than we ever would.

This could be a sad story about the lack of donations & the lengths charities are having to go to in order to support their work; having said that this launch has brought the topic of giving into the headlines & created even more ways for us to support those wonderful organisations that need us most.

Got you thinking? Here’s a few of the charities closest to my heart for anyone motivated to give their time or money…

severn hospice logo




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