Latté for me, Juice for my phone: Starbucks meets Powermat

The ring is here (in London at least) &, thank goodness for me, not the ring that made me bawl my eyes out at school friend’s birthday party & fear television white noise to this day.


Starbucks has begun rolling out the Powermat wireless charging service in their café’s starting with my dearest London.bb2541d8a64211e3a4ee0e1d609f6897_8 So next time my phone is about to go kaput before the end of the day, I can treat myself guilt-free to a skinny, sugar-free hazlenut latté (a delicious yet obnoxious drink order, but necessary to tell myself it’s guilt free) & rest a while as my lifeline takes a sip of juice too.

Got a snazzy telephone with wireless charging enabled? Simply pop it on the Powermat & away you go.

In with 99% of the telephone population? Ask your Barista for a ring, plug in & sit back.

I have on many an occasion hunted out a café in the vein hope of sneaking my charger into a plug socket actually intended for Henry the Hoover. When successful, I rejoice while cringing as I wait for a waitress to chastise me for thieving their precious electricity. This has never happened as yet, but I live in irrational fear nonetheless.

Smartphone battery life is real issue & it surprises me that we have gone this long without similar services being more readily accessible. When I walk into a shopping centre & see those tiny lockers with ’30 minutes free charging’ written on I breathe a sigh of relief. Now I have an even better excuse to choose Starbucks coffee, because nobody understands it when I say ‘I just prefer the brand!’.

Read more about PowerMat


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