Lovely jubbly Apple & Raspberry home infused Gin

Apple and Raspberry Infused Gin Recipe

An ultra lovely friend of mine treated me to a bottle of DELIGHTFUL raspberry & apple infused gin. I was in suspense for 3 weeks waiting to find out what was coming my way and this beauty was well worth the wait.

I love it because…how to make infused gin

  • It’s gin – there’s nothing that better accompanies that feeling of ‘…and breathe’ at the end of a hard day than a good G&T
  • It’s homemade – I love Gordon’s but I don’t think they take quite the same care as my nearest & dearest gifter
  • It’s in a kilner jar – oh my love for them is never ending ❤
  • It has bells on it – so much better than whistles
  • Oh yes, and it’s ruddy darn delicious!

So I didn’t make it myself, but I’ve done some research & with a few simple ingredients & a heap of patience you can treat yourself to tipple too…

1. Pop some fruit (any of your choosing) & some sugar in some gin (any of your choosing)

2. Shake it, sh-shake it

3. Pop it in a dark place for 4 whole weeks, take a peek & give it a jiggle every few days

4. Strain the gloopy fruit out with a muslin cloth & decant into a kilner jar (it deserves no less)

5. Drink, gift &/or admire!

how to make infused gin

For a tad more precise step by step check out Karon’s recipe at


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