10 things I didn’t do in January 2015 (and I’m glad about it!)

New year’s resolutions, who needs them!

I, for one, will be glad to enter into February safe in the knowledge that the 20% of people who successfully kept to their ‘new year, new me’ philosophy can sack it off now & return to normality.

In celebration of this, I thought I’d share all the things I didn’t do in January:

1. Start juicingNutribullets, Kenwoods, kale, spirulina, superfood powders…it’s all a bit much. Whatever happened to normal, everyday healthy moderation (with the occasional emotional binge with a Nutella jar & a teaspoon).


2. Join a gym – In London a membership in even the shoddiest fitness parlour is £50+ a month. That’s daylight robbery! I do plan to start running again sometime, but until then I’ll enjoy Broadchurch in my owl onesie thank you very much.

3. Partake in ‘dry January’ – I’m back at work, it’s dark when I leave & come home to my flat, it’s damn chilly. If there’s isn’t a Pinot Grigio or Malbec waiting for me on a Thursday night then I don’t know how I’d cope.

4. Give up chocolate – If I didn’t clean my plate as a child then my Mum would tell me sternly to ‘think of the starving children in Biafra!’. Food waste is food waste whatever the calories; if nobody else is going to eat those leftover Christmas chocolates then I’ll take one for the team…


5. Refrain from clothes shopping – half price Levi’s in John Lewis, I rest my case.

levi edit

6. ‘Revamp my look’ – I’ve now had 4 haircuts at the same salon, this is a record since moving from my hometown & childhood hairdresser. I’m happily back in a hair rut! Consistent block fringes & bouncy blow dries always.

7. Master a new skillGood housekeeping suggests ‘getting out the needle and thread, learn a tricky new culinary skill or how to stand on your head’ ….how to stand on my head?

8. Spend more time with family – I love my little family dearly & it’s always so wonderful to see them, but I travelled 1,305 miles in total (according to Google Maps) to spend time with them over Christmas. I’ve taken this month off & that’s okay!


9. Get organised – I hide clutter in drawers, tip toe around teetering piles of magazines & keep my face wipes on my book case. A trip to IKEA & a weekend of Royal Mail style sorting is in order. Life is short & it’s one of those things that can always wait until tomorrow (& until next payday)

10. Get more sleep – Apparently this is the 10th most popular resolution of Americans, after university I lost my night owl status & I know unashamedly start coming out with such phrases as ‘Gosh look at the time!’ & ‘Fancy a horlicks?’ at about 9pm. Maybe it’s a British thing, or maybe it’s just me. Probably me.

paddy scarf edit


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