Overnight oats: Sleep your way to a pimped up breakfast

A week ago, as I was commuting, I had the displeasure of watching a woman (with upsettingly dry hands) spoon her way through a pickle jar of overnight oats. It was a very inappropriate place & time to be eating oats with a metal spoon in a glass jar (clink clink clink) but I couldn’t help admire her breakfast proactivity.

I’ve heard chatter about overnight oats before (when I say heard – I mean on the web 2.0 grapevine) so when I spotted a Buzzfeed article with lots of drool worth photos I thought I’d give it a go.Spoon overnight oats jar

Please note: I only eat this at home; where it’s appropriate to eat breakfast.

glass jar

So the basic principles of overnight oats are:

  1. Get a glass jar (hello Kilner style jar!)
  2. Mix together equal amounts of oats & milk
  3. Throw in whatever the hell you like!
  4. Pop it in the fridge overnight & come morning…
  5. Voila!

Round 1: Random Fridge Contents Overnight Oats

Lessons include (but are not limited to)-

  • I have no ruddy idea what equal amounts look like, I winged it & ended up with oat slush
  • Blueberries, fresh mint, cashew nuts, raisins & figs are an edible, but not entirely delicious combination
  • Note to self: Follow recipes from now on

Round 2: Apple & Cinnamon Overnight Oats

  • Utterly delicious, best OO recipe I’ve found to this day!
  • I’m glad I had 2kg of apples in from Costco as I’ve basically eaten this everyday
  • A sweetening ingredient like honey is a must!
  • This is the recipe

Round 3: Choco-nutty Overnight Oats

  • Very nice, but didn’t rock my world
  • Chocolate, I expected more from you.
  • I think swapping cocoa for Nutella would vastly improve things
  • Roughly based on this recipe (Chia seeds & almond milk…too fancy for me)

overnight oats


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