5 revelations from an early Spring clean

Over the weekend, I had a (little premature) spring clean, while doing so I had these few revelations…

1. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to bring myself to throw out a pair of Pokémon earrings I had when I was a teenager – I don’t know why, but every time I have a jewellery cleanse they make the cut. I’ll never wear them (except for unlikely fancy dress) yet I feel they add a bit of nerdy pizzazz to my earring collection.

DSCN6539 edit 2

2. Rearranging furniture is like organisational heroin – 72 hours later I’m still ‘taking a moment’ & surveying my studio flat like Mufasa over the pride lands.

DSCN6513 edit

Note: I know my drawer is broken & won’t close. Life is hard.

3. I love neck firming cream! I keep sachets & trial sizes from beauty boxes, magazines etc. intending to try them all out. When I found this I inwardly exclaimed ‘when on earth am I going to use neck firming cream?!’ I answered myself with the ultimatum to use it now or throw it away. I hate waste, so I slapped it on & god does my neck feel good. Thank you sk:n!

4. There’s no better way to order books than by status & order of preference. No matter how many times I give my bookcase an over haul I can’t organise my books in any other way but into read/unread shelves, & then by loved/ desire to read. Every time I consider re-ordering them by colour, height, author, & I just can’t do it. The only difference this time is that I’ve brought my cooking & crafting shelf up to try & encourage myself to do it more *hopeful*

DSCN6507 edit

5. Selling on Ebay isn’t scary! It’s a revelation. I’ve always talked about selling my unloved possessions, but never braved creating a listing, paying a listing fee, calculating postage – all a bit of a minefield. It turns out it’s actually really simple – Ive listed 6 items & one of them is even being watched! If I manage to sell them I’m going to instate a one in, one out policy for non-essentials.

2000px-EBay_logo edit

Have you any tips on organising small spaces? I’d love some ideas for my actual spring clean!


2 thoughts on “5 revelations from an early Spring clean

  1. Despite the fact that my bookshelves hold many of the same books, they differ in that they are ordered by height (I am afraid I am a bit OCD like that, hehe).

    On a different note, I could probably sell like have of my belongings on Ebay right now – but I am terrified by the logistics of the whole thing. Good on you for figuring it out!

    • There’s nothing wrong with a bit of OCD! I’ve always liked the idea of them being arranged by spine colour, but I’ve just never graduated to that. Perhaps one day I’ll run a library & all my book organising desires will be fulfilled 🙂

      You have to try Ebay sometime (I’ve not got to the posting bit yet so I’m wearing slightly rose tinted glasses) but I’ve had a couple of bids & the excitement when I hear the ‘bing’ is crazy!

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