The light of my life: Love for Lumie

A couple of years ago, I went to The Gadget Show Live when I lived in Birmingham (I’m yet to venture to a London date yet!) & I treated myself to this little, bright beauty.

I pretty much tell everyone I meet about this wonderful gadget – whether they ask about my bedtime routine or not! (usually not)

DSCN6545 edit

Lumie create bodyclock wake up lights – they’re bedside lamps that help you sleep better by mimicking a sunset & sunrise. Ever woken up annoyingly early because you didn’t shut your curtains properly? This is the same principle!

The light fades gradually as you fall asleep & then, having set an alarm, the light gets brighter & re-awakens you in the morning right on time for your alarm.

Worried you won’t wake up? There’s still an alarm sound to make sure you don’t sleep through, but your body will have registered the increasing light levels meaning you’re waking up from a much lighter sleep & therefore feel much more refreshed.

DSCN6564 edit

I had read about lights like this before & at the show I was swayed into buying one at the exclusive price of £50 (normally £59.95) – ever since I’m a convert, it really is a life changing product. When I first took it home I was in raptures, I woke up feeling so much better & I often didn’t even need the alarm sound as the brightness was enough! Nowadays, I definitely need the alarm sound & I don’t feel supremely rested when I wake, simply because I’m now accustomed to a better waking routine. When I’m not at home with my Lumie, I find it so much harder to wake up & I do really miss it.

The idea behind the wake-up light is so simple, yet it makes a real difference. I think everybody should have one of these on their bedside table!

Interesting fact: Lumie created the world’s first wake up light (see the evolution of the light below – taken from their website).



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