IKEA gets emotional: Furnish your phone

There’s nothing more relaxing than an afternoon (ergo a whole day) floating from flat pack to home furnishing. I live within 10 minutes of an IKEA & a Costco & I often lose myself in a day of homebody shopping utopia.

IKEA already has a place in my heart, now it has a place at my fingertips too.
Today, I discovered that my beloved furniture friends have launched their own emoticons (available on iOS & Android now!).
There’s little more to say as (if you’re anything like me) you’re likely already tap tap tapping frantically to download the keyboard (this has taken me too many hours thanks to my lack of storage & update-inability!) & making a careful selection of who to show your meatballs to first.

They’ve accompanied the launch with a cutesy video about how the emoticons will help us communicate & restore peace to our homes.

So this Valentine’s, forget the soppy card because there’s nothing that says those three little words better than a hugging heart pillow… right?


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