Love on the line: A few of my web favourites

The online world often gets a bad reputation – from database hacks to questionable communities- there are a lot of dark corners on the internet & having been introduced to Black Mirror it’s easy to become nervous of technology advancements & data sharing.

I’m also a strong believer that the world of the web is also filled with joy & entertainment galore. So I thought I’d stop for a moment & share a few of the simple things I’ve been loving lately:

  • Wonder Forest – Think updating your desktop background is so last year? (or so 1998) Think again! Dana from the Wonder Forest has the sweetest desktop & mobile backgrounds around. I’d got in a default desktop rut until I discovered her blog. Free to download, so there’s no excuse not to pimp your tech-terior!


  • Serial – This podcast seems to have taken the world by storm – it aired in October 2014 but after a couple of recommendations from avid fans in my office I took the plunge into the world of podcasting. I am HOOKED. I’m won’t give any spoilers but Adnan – I’m on your side! Serial has shown thousands, if not millions, how incredible podcasts & audio books can be when done right. If only Audible would make their prices more accessible.


10611273_1560159494270439_1177516473_n 10919346_951114644900533_244587428_n10864789_1515304828750408_113285279_n 10914254_489452854526385_623987474_n

  • Billetto  I discovered this ticket site when booking an Emerald Street event (beer tasting – brilliant night!) & it just so happens that it’s full of all sorts of super cool events, from food pop-ups, drinks tasting, music & more. If you’re bored of ticketmaster, Time Out & the like then head to Billetto for something a little different.



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