My story: As seen on Facebook & BBC News

There’s less than two weeks for you to join the BBC in looking back at the events of your lifetime. Bringing together nostalgia & poignancy, the BBC’s ‘Your Story’ blends your Facebook timeline with key events in its archives to great effect.

I saved the link to Your Story a while back, underestimating the BBC’s ability to create a digital experience worth taking a moment in time for. In the end I took minutes, not moments, to appreciate the impactful events that took place as I grew up. A number of which I never even knew took place.


As my Mother brought me into the world, the first Gulf War began with the Allies striking in Iraq & Saddam Hussein announcing…

“The Mother of all battles has begun”

Thankfully, no battle lay ahead for me, I was born happy & healthy to a wonderful family, but it puts into perspective the times when I was growing up & worrying about inane ‘problems’, that a war was taking place for thousands.


On a lighter note, Mr Adams shot to number one as I was born. A very apt song! Undoubtedly my parents have done an awful lot, if not everything, for me over the years. Strangely I very briefly crossed paths with Mr Adams (not quite on first name basis yet..) on the stairs at my office a year or two back. Naturally no words were exchanged, but it’s still my best celeb spot to date.


Of course I remember when I heard about 9/11, sat in my front room after school & watching the towers fall on the BBC. An earth-shattering day. May the fallen rest in peace.


When I was a teenager, I was so perplexed by the future & I had no idea what career I was aiming for. It’s fascinating to know that as I was starting my teenage years, cringing at being only one of two girls in my applied IT lessons, that the social network that is is such a big part of what I do today was being founded.


Her Majesty & I shared a big birthday year, I was living in London on my internship when this celebration ensued. It feels like yesterday, how time flies!

My aversion to over-sharing & my relative youth means there aren’t too many more events to share as yet, but the journey through my short social life was eye-opening nonetheless. At the time of writing it says there are 13 days left to see Your Story, so if you’re genuinely interested or simply procrastinating I recommend you give it a go, you never know what you might learn about the world you’ve grown up in.


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