Creative Blogger Award: Making me blush

So this is my first foray into blog awards! When I received the nomination last month from the lovely ChristianaI  from Lifestylecounter, I have to admit I blushed a little! An award? For me? Thanks so much!

In the early days of blogging it’s so lovely to know that someone has noticed your blog. I’m sorry for not doing this sooner (note to self: integrate personal blogging into my life better), but here I am, ready to rumble!

So down to business…

The rules are as follows:

– Nominate 20 other blogs and their links
– Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
– Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
– Notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
– Pass these rules on to them

My 5 Facts:

1. I’m online a ridiculous minimum of 8 hours a day working as an online marketer living a life as ‘a mystery [brand] worker’ (as somebody once called me) , which will explain to you my kind readers my radio silence on Twitter. I’m not unconnected, I’m overconnected! By 6pm I need a little/long breather. I’ve not mastered the balance & seamless switch between my work-time mystery online persona & little old me quite yet.

.com Darling Loves Computerts

recommeded songs on spotofy

2. I love letting Spotify decide my listening choices for me. I think mood playlists are cracking & love picking one that fits my ‘vibe’. I highly recommend ‘Evening Acoustic’ & ‘Folksy Christmas‘. (See more of my Spotify recommendations here)

3. I am a chicken fanatic. I had four BEAU-tiful bantams when I was in my teens & my joy will know no bounds the day that I’m able to house another flock of beauties. Not only did I spend my sunny afternoons stretching out on a deckchair bantam in arms, I campaigned against battery farming (which took me to Westminster!), & I still can’t eat KFC after the unspeakable articles I read. P.S. Check out Henpower – it’s my dream to work for them someday.


4. I got more joy out of buying my first (& currently only) domain than I ever have from buying a pair of shoes! I think that sums me up quite well, it’s payday today so maybe a trip to GoDaddy is due…

5. I’m a believer in fate; I truly believe that everything happens for a reason (even though it’s hard sometimes) & that being open & accepting of change can lead to wonderful things. I remember saying as a teenager that I never wanted to work in London, but here I am & I ruddy love it.

So, cue drumroll, here are my nominees:

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A Few of My Favourite Things


6 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award: Making me blush

  1. Thank you so much for your nomination. It’s so lovely to be supported. xx On another note I love the idea of having chickens too. I used to be petrified and annoyed at my next door neighbours chickens and cockerel but after seeing some at a rescue farm I love them now x

    • You’re welcome Lore, keep up your great blogging 🙂 Chickens can be really noisy so I need to find a garden & then some super understanding neighbours! They’re such unexpectedly sweet pets though 🙂 x

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