Nexus 6: A pipe dream?

When my Nexus 4 passed away a year ago I was heartbroken, but I’m also a pretty committed penny pincher so I was consoled by the kind offer of my Sister-in-law’s old iPhone. Working phone, sim only contract at half the price of my previous contract, success!

Yet I’ve always wanted to return to Android, so as my iPhone battery’s dwindled I’ve been promising myself a new Google Nexus when it finally pops its clogs. To my horror, the starting RRP for the Nexus has gone from £239 when I bought the Nexus 4 to now £499 for the Nexus 6. I could have an all inclusive holiday for that! No wonder sales are dwindling.

nexus murakami

Sure, sure, the features are better than they used to be, but a Shop Assistant at Currys PC World confirmed my fears that the 6 is in fact of questionable value. Having done some research & got recommendations I’m now considering the One Plus One

Google Nexus 6


  1. It’s got Google ‘built in’ (I’m already weak at the knees)
  2. It’s made by Motorola, bringing back the nostalgia of my first flip phone the Motorola Razr (the AWOL e made it all the more cool)
  3. You can buy a naked tough-case for it (I need it to be seriously tough)
  4. It comes with a turbo charger (it’s giving me goosebumps now..)
  5. It runs Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets ( I have no idea what that is, but it sounds radical)


  1. It costs an arm AND a leg (my studio flat is sucking up all my cash)
  2. I’ve read questionable reviews (as much as I loathe to admit it)
  3. It’s a beast (I don’t have dainty hands, but ye know, it’s still too big)
  4. Its beastly screen chomps up battery life (the bain of my digital life)

Do you have a Nexus 6 or a OnePlus One? Any advice?

I’m thi–s close to buying a OnePlus One, the reality is I haven’t got £500 hidden under my mattress & I’m now even starting to doubt that I want a Nexus 6, I just need a little reassurance (& maybe a little frivolity!)

Comparison help thanks to Know Your Mobile.


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