YouQuest: My quest to inner peace

“Update your life, not your status”

I’ve been trying out a brand new app from the entertainment media company 500BC. Focused on wellbeing, YouQuest lives by the principal that “At the heart of wellness is listening to ourselves”. IMG_3679

What is YouQuest?

YouQuest uses three daily quizzes to feedback thoughts & advice to you based on your responses. It takes the wisdom of our elders (we’re talking elderly elders here – hundreds, if not thousands, of years old) in the hope that these pieces of fundamental advice will guide you, make you happier & more well balanced.

Oh, yeah, & these quizzes will come to you from an owl, a crow, a chicken… (& more!). It’s not all serious business.

The Inspiration

Carol Phelan-Marsh, founder and president of 500 BC, created the app after the unthinkable struggles from her daughter’s battle with bone cancer. This app, unlike many others, has been born out of love & care.

“My daughter survived bone cancer, and had to dig deep to do it (we all did). We used every tool, ancient and modern, to help her successfully battle osteosarcoma. I swore if she came through this that I’d launch a product to help others find their inner warriors.”  

The Science

My favorite parts of the app are the thought-provoking facts & quotes, but don’t be fooled, this app is built on science & psychology. The team have built & refined wisdom databases, linguistics-based algorithm and UR-Q (Universal Rhythm Quotient), which should accurately measure the interplay of eight essential human characteristics on a 16-point scale.

The algorithms & quotients are a little over my head, but it’s important to know that this app isn’t just telling you something ‘nice’, it’s analysing different aspects of your life & thoughts (based on your answers) to provide you with insightful responses tailored to you.

My Experienceyq owl

I must be honest, I don’t think YouQuest is for me personally. I love the concept; the work & inspiration are unquestionably brilliant. I’m fortunate that I work in an environment where I’m exposed to a lot of content & over the years I’ve grown to be very aware of my health & wellbeing, it’s something that I take great care over. If I felt I had more imbalance in my life then perhaps I would find more solace from this app.

YouQuest really does have the potential to help a lot of people, we’re all different & no one tool is going to suit us all  so I do recommend you give it a try – you never know, the wisdom of the past may be just what you need!

These are a couple of the quotes that will stay with me:

“The solar system shows there’s a secret order from chaos. Chaos theory is the science of surprises.”

“Out of volcanic ash, life finds fertile ground.”

Download the app:
Google Play:

Please note: Since using the app, I’ve read that it’s not recommended for iPhone 4 or lower. This explains the small bug issues I had from time to time, so I’ve omitted this as I didn’t heed the developers advice! 


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