Google’s been shopping: How to find more time in your diary

Well it looks like I’m not the only one whose been doing a spot of payday shopping. Google has just announced that Timeful, Inc. has joined the G-family, which means making the most of our day is going to get that little bit easier.


I’m absolutely baffled that I’ve never heard of Timeful before; it’s technology sounds absolutely genius. The basic concept behind Timeful is that it takes those things that always fall off your to-do list – booking that appointment, going to the gym, calling Mum, writing that blog post – & finds time in your diary to make sure you get them done. Let it do all the planning for you!


Google are going to work to combine this with Gmail, the Google calendar & just about all their organisational tools. So give the techies a little time & before long we’ll be able to spend less time planning & more time doing.

Read the press release>>


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