5 Best Brews: Not just for blokes

Now to address one of life’s many pleasures; the beverage.

I love a tipple, a sip, a slurp…from Argentinian Malbec to frozen Margaritas & not forgetting the timeless G&T, but often there’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned pint. I love hitting the Craft Beer Co. or Lowlander with my boys (the other half &/or my Pa!).  Ladies, forget the judgment, hold that pint with pride & gulp your way to ultimate refreshment!


  • London Velvet – Porter ale meets cider? “Madness” I hear you say! The packaging’s a little ominous, but don’t let the dark liquid put you off. I only recently discovered this mix & I’ve already restocked (twice!)

  • Rattler – Oh my, oh my, this is my ‘one’. A flatmate introduced me to it at university & I’ve never looked back. I’ve even been the the Rattler farm. I’m approaching fan girl territory…



    • Kwak – Now we’re knocking at the proverbial door of Belgium. The king, queen & pope of beer makers! This delicious brew is served in what can only be described as a whopping, bulbous test tube. (Note: the theatre of drinking from such a vessel just aids the aforementioned ‘pint pride’!)

  • Aspall Temple Moon – Aspall’s is my go-to cider (normally because it’s the only decent cider on offer!), it’s lovely but doesn’t excite me anymore. UNTIL, I discovered Temple Moon – still, ridiculously yellow & with serious gulp factor.


  •  Kona Big Wave – My other half (champion brew-advisor) & I discovered this at The Diner. It was such an unexpected find! Super refreshing, easy to love (even if you’re not a seasoned beer-drinker) it rounds off my top 5 nicely.


NB: Props to my expert brew-advisor for always letting me steal a sip (or three) of his pints on my journey to enlightenment.


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