Facebook Instant Articles: Are brand blogs dead?

Facebook have dropped a bombshell. Maybe it’s just a firecracker to regular folks, but in digital marketing this is a big one. BIG.

Facebook are changing the way we consume content shared on the newsfeed. Instead of being linked out to the author’s blog or app (think Buzzfeed, magazines, your favourite brand) Facebook will open the article within your newsfeed (much like viewing a natively uploaded video or photo).

“The last thing that takes a long time to load in your News Feed is articles.” – Mike Matas

The Good:

  • Quicker load times  – no more waiting for ‘mobile’ sites to load (apparently this functionality will shave 8 seconds of the time it takes to get to an article). Goodbye buffer face!
  • Better photography – you’ll now be able to appreciate the full size & definition of photos like you would in print. Swoon.

Facebook instant articles

The Bad:

  • No more (or at least much fewer) click throughs to your blog or website. Oh, bloody hell.
  • With fewer people visiting your homepage, the value of your skyscrapers & banners will inevitably decrease. Uh oh, the publishers won’t be happy.

The Ugly:

  • Facebook is taking over the world, one feature at a time. The novel ‘The Circle’ is coming true. Sh*t.


Read more on Facebook’s blog & the Instant Articles microsite.


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