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Howdy! I’m Emily (‘Emily Boo’ to my nearest & dearest!).This lovely little space on the web 2.0 is filled with my love of whosits, whatsits & gizmos galore! I am, &love, many different things all of which I share honestly here.Profile Picture Edit

My days are spent working in online marketing, managing a wonderful community for a brand I adore, & then when I clock off there I log in here to my own personal space (all views here are my own). So I’m online a silly amount of hours per day & my mind is rarely far from websites, notifications, SEO & bug fixing. I love living in a world filled with technology – from skyping my loved ones to tweeting lovely strangers for a natter about everything & anything.

It would be lovely to chat! If you want to have a goss, share an idea, ask a question or have a good rant just drop me a note. Email me on dotcomdarlingblog@gmail.com or tweet me @emilyb00!

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Emily Boo x

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